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History of India I. Ancient History Maurya Dynasty Mock Test SET-2 

Welcome to your History of India I. Ancient History Maurya Dynasty SET-2

Land revenue, which was the chief source of income during the Mauryan period, was collected by which officer?

Who of the following was associat- ed with the collection of revenue in Mauryan Mantriparishad?

Which among of the following prohibits remarriage?

‘Pankodakasannirodhe’ was the Penalty in Mauryan administration, charged for

Which of the following Ashokan inscriptions is devoted to the principle of religious tolerance completely?

Which of the following Mauryan officers was incharge of weights and measures?

Ptolemy Philadelphus whose had diplomatic relation with Ashoka, was king of

‘Bhaga’ and ‘Bali’ were

The division of Mauryan ‘Society into seven classes’ is particularly mentioned in

The description of the administration of Pataliputra is available in

‘Sita’ in Maurya period means

Who was the author of ‘Indica’?

Which of the following sources states that there was no slavery in ancient India?

Which one of the following texts of ancient India allows divorce to a wife deserted by her husband?

The Ashokan major rock edicts which tell us about the Sangam Kingdom include rock edicts

With reference to the cultural history of India, the memorising of Chronicles, dynastic histories, and epic tales was the profession of who of the following?

Which aspect of municipal administration of today is continuing since the period of Mauryans?

What is the name of Megasthenes’s book?

The system governing villages through autonomous elected panchayats was evolved by

Which one of the following ancient Indian records is the earliest royal order to preserve food-grains to be utilised during the crisis in the country?

Which of the following sources gives a detailed account of city administration of the Mauryas?

Turamaya, a contemporary of Ashoka was the ruler of

In how many categories did Megasthenese divide the Indian Society?

In the Mauryan period, tax evasion was punished with

Rulers of which of the following dynasties had diplomatic relations with distant countries like Syria and Egypt?

Which of the following South Kingdoms is not mentioned in the Ashokan inscriptions?

Famous Greek ambassador Megas- thenese came to the court of which emperor?

The most famous centre of learning during Maurya period was

‘Indica’ was originally written by

Which of the following inscriptions of Ashoka bans animal sacrifice on certain festive gathering, that probably included a ban on animal killing as well?

History of India I. Ancient History Maurya Dynasty Mock Test SET-2 
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