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Every general knowledge test, whether it’s a test like the GK Provider or the IAS or any other, will likely have some variation of these questions. You won’t see them all in the same order, but these are some of the most common questions you can expect to see at least once on your exam. Knowing them now will give you time to brush up on the information between now and when you take your test so that you can answer these questions quickly and easily when they show up on your real exam!

A number of you have asked me this, so here goes… I’ve decided to write a top 10 list of GK questions, the ones that I personally use and the ones that are most helpful in the service selection process. Since these are my own opinions, they will no doubt be different from yours. Feel free to add your own favorite questions in the comments below! In no particular order, here we go

GK or General Knowledge quiz questions have been a popular way to test one’s knowledge of current events and history since they were first published by the Times of India in 1979. One reason that GK has remained so popular among students and school teachers alike is that while they certainly do promote the mastery of current affairs, their goal isn’t simply to see if someone knows what happened this week or last year, but rather to see if someone can connect the dots between events and figure out why something came about as it did.

Top 10 GK Questions

Top 10 GK Questions Asked About International Women’s Day – 1. What is International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day is an international day celebrating women and commemorating their economic, political and social achievements. It also serves as a call for greater gender equality worldwide. 2. How many people took part in March 8 events around in 2012 ? According to International women’s day, there were about 6 million attendees all over Europe (probably more then one million only in Italy).

India's Independence Day

India’s Independence Day was on 15th August, 1947. It marks the moment when India became an independent nation, and thus ended its days as a British colony. This day has been commemorated since 1949 as a national holiday called Republic Day. Every year, millions of people celebrate across India with cultural events such as parades and fairs. Several political leaders from other countries have also been invited to mark their respect for India’s history.

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